Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi and welcome to my book blog!

I always tease people that I believe I was born with a book in my hand. From the minute I started I could not stop. I love talking to people about books almost as much as I love reading books. I have started this blog as a place to post my thoughts on certain books, talk about author events I attend, and to highlight authors I enjoy and maybe some new authors on the rise and much, much more. So I look forward to people commenting and posting their opinions. I also love book suggestions, so please feel free to post those as well.

I hope you have as much fun reading my blog as I am sure I will have writing it! So grab your glass of wine, cup or tea, or whatever you fancy and happy reading!!!!

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  1. Hi Lady Geektress! I love page color and olde-worlde map background...very chic and makes my mind want to travel, perhaps I can get lost in a book?!